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4/23/2019 12:38 am

International Partners

With a single-source-drug for the treatment of patients with vertigo HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL is not only very successful in Germany but also in other countries thanks to a decentral registration. In these countries we are cooperating with strong partners. Learn more about them!


Polifarma sells drugs to have a decisive impact on the welfare of the community and achieve this through a culture based on key factors such as passion, integrity and transparency. The Reps of Polifarma, excellently trained, arise themeselves for a medical service that aims to give a scientific update and to the Pharmacovigilance throughout the country.

Founded in Italy in 1919, specialized expertise and intensive research for innovative, effective and high quality solutions, have enabled Polifarma to acquire experience over time in the national market.

The Company employs about 160 people, including internal staff and scientific promoters. The internal organizational structure, which is highly flexible, makes the decision-making process at all levels direct, shared and fast, thus, permitting a high capacity of rapid adaptation to the market changes and requirements. Its capillary and selected network of Scientific Promoters has represented for a long time, a strong asset vis-à-vis the medical class.


Dynamic growth, drug innovations and a wealth of experience that has matured over generations are the hallmarks of BERLIN-CHEMIE AG. The company belongs to Italy's global MENARINI Group and works mainly for the development of business in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. As one of the MENARINI Group's three research sites, BERLIN-CHEMIE is fully integrated in the research programme of the group.

BERLIN-CHEMIE AG is an innovation and growth orientated company with above average sales development. About two thirds of the company's prescription drugs sold domestically are innovative preparations. BERLIN-CHEMIE maintains its own branches in more than 30 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The main site of this company with a rich tradition is located in Berlin-Adlershof, where chemical-pharmaceutical products have been manufactured since 1890.


From dream to reality, seven decades of dedication and commitment to the production and commercialization of active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms that benefit patients and society, supported by multidisciplinary human resources, in a responsible and interactive environment, generator of motivation and pride in the present and future of AtralCipan.

Atral Cipan is an integrated Pharmaceutical group. We seek to leverage our position as a leading group by keeping long-term partnerships in the development, scale-up, manufacturing and commercialization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDF). Integrated production of API's and FDF's, trough high value partnerships aiming to add value to our client's operations.

Zambon Switzerland

Zambon Switzerland is the associate company based in Ticino of the Pharmaceutical Zambon Group, a multinational group active in several countries in the world.

More than thirty pharmaceutical specialities are produced and marketed on the domestic market by Zambon Switzerland, which is currently one of the most important manufacturer of ethic products in Ticino and included in the first ten Swiss specialties sellers. Zambon Switzerland is well known on the local market thanks to its range of specialities for both medical prescription and suggestion in the pharmacies, which are presented by the net of high qualified sales reps who guarantees the pervasive coverage of all the national country.

Kela Pharma

Kela Pharma is a SMC pharmaceutical company, privately owned, with own manufacturing plant. We have activities in Belgium and Luxembourg with a large portfolio of prescription and OTC products in the following therapeutical areas : Neurology, Gastro Enterology, Vitamins, Respiratory tract (cough and cold) and dermatology. Kela Pharma is responsible for the sales, distribution and support of pharmaceutical products. 

Kela Pharma is always looking to offer medicines for "everyday use"  as well as first-line medicines to the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Our excellent reputation is based upon a permanent contact and a constant dialogue with the medical professions.  This enables us to react quickly, focused on everyday practice.

Our philosophy is based on the following principles : quality - confidence - service and flexibility.

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