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Working for human health since 1898 - Our history

Max E. Hennig (1875-1945)


The 23-year-old industrial chemist Max E. Hennig founds the company in 1898 in Berlin. He begins with a single liver extract and expands his range at the end of the First World War with various heart muscle extracts and his own plant-based pharma-ceuticals.


During the Second World War the life's work of the now 70-year-old com-pany's founder is completely destroyed; a few months later, on August 3, 1945, Max E. Hennig dies.


Supported by his employees, Hennig's long-term colleague Kurt Moschner builds the company up again in the East of Berlin. 



As soon as Kurt Moschner notices that the firm is placed under state control and expropriation looms, he leaves the Soviet occupied zone and moves to Flörsheim am Main in the west of Germany, its current location.

Kurt Moschner (2.v.r.) in Besprechung


Moschner starts from scratch a second time and succeeds in building up the firm HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL in just three years at its new location. Next to the plant-based medicines also medicinal products with purely chemical active substances are being produced for the first time.


Introduction of an original drug for the treatment of vertigo and start of a wide range of generic drugs for various indications.

Wolfram und
Helga Schleenhain


After the death of Kurt Moschner in 1984, his daughter Helga and her husband Wolfram Schleenhain take over the management of the company. After the death of Kurt Moschner in 1984, his daughter Helga and her husband Wolfram Schleenhain take over management of the company. They decide to expand the company by offering contract manufacturing for other pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the own range of generic drugs is continuously widened by offering medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, metabolic regulation and neurology. The expansion of tasks and the product range led to an increase of employees, resulting in several extensions of the premises and new buildings to be set up.

Holger und Dr. med. Kai Schleenhain


Supported by father Wolfram, the two sons Holger and Kai Schleenhain, M. D. take over the company's management. They push on the further internationalisation of the company's original drug for the treatment of vertigo and they constantly widen the exisiting product range with numerous new active ingredients and OTC-products. Today around 280 employees work for the company, including laboratory specialists, industrial chemists, biologists and pharmacists - enabling HENNUG ARZNEIMITTEK to produce more than 600 million tablets per year.


In summer 2008, the company celebrates its 110th anniversary together with representatives from local politics, science and media - and its employees, of course!


The original drug for the treatment of vertigo celebrates its 30th anniversary.