Our corporate values

We are primarily focused on further growth in all four pillars. We see the biggest potential for boosting sales in the OTC field and in contract manufacturing. Long-term success and the security of our jobs always take top priority for us.

Common values that are shared by all are essential to achieving our aims. They form the basis of our interaction not only internally, but also with our customers. We at HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL have worked through a shared process to agree on four corporate values. We put these values into practice not only inside the company, but also outside. We use them as guidelines for working together in a team and acting independently in the interests of the company.

We show respect and appreciation in our treatment of each other and our customers.

We recognise and satisfy the needs and wishes of our internal and external customers. We are also working steadily to improve the quality of our products and services.

We foster open and honest communication. We take a constructive and transparent approach when dealing with mistakes.

We take responsibility and reflect on our actions to ensure both our own personal development and that of HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is intended to serve as a guideline for our daily actions and defines the principles of how we deal with each other and with our partners. The principles described apply to the management, all executives and employees at HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL.

Code as PDF