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Historische Schwarz-weiß-Aufnahme von vier arbeitenden Frauen in einem Labor

Promoting health since 1898

Our story



HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL founded by Max E. Hennig

Chemist Max E. Hennig founds HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL in Berlin. HENNIG conducts research in the field of therapeutically effective organ extracts. The first, and initially the only, product is a liver extract. This is followed by a heart muscle extract and plant-based medication after the First World War.



Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the site of the company, Max E. Hennig's life's work, is completely destroyed and Hennig himself dies not long after.



Kurt Moschner takes over the company

Kurt Moschner – long-term employee of Max Hennig – rebuilds the company in East Berlin, supported by the selfless dedication of the remaining staff.



HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL is placed under state supervision and is at risk of expropriation by the Russian occupying forces. Kurt Moschner decides to leave Berlin and rebuild the company in the Rhine-Main area.



Kurt Moschner rebuilds the company in less than three years at a site in Flörsheim am Main. For the first time, medication is produced solely using chemical substances.



An original preparation for treating vertigo of various origins is introduced and a broad portfolio of generic medicines developed.



Helga Schleenhain takes over the company

After the death of Kurt Moschner, his daughter Helga Schleenhain takes over management of the company, together with her husband Wolfram Schleenhain. The existing product range is expanded to include a variety of generic medicines, with a focus on cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and psychiatric indications. In light of increased contract manufacturing and development, accompanied by steady growth in staff numbers, numerous extensions and new buildings are added to the company premises.



Holger and Dr Kai Schleenhain take over the company

The two sons, Holger Schleenhain and Dr Kai Schleenhain, assume management of the company. They continue to take products global and expand the product range to include a number of new launches and over-the-counter products. By this time, HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL employs roughly 280 people. Production volume amounts to around 600 million tablets per year.



The original preparation for treating vertigo of different origins celebrates its 30th birthday.



HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL receives the Axia Award for its strategies for ensuring long-term financial success.



Holger Schleenhain and Dr Kai Schleenhain, previously managing shareholders, take on the shared role of managing director for the fourth-generation family company, HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL. This completes the change to a new generation.



HENNIG ARZNEIMITTEL celebrates 120 years of experience.

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